Back Pain Breakthrough Reviews – Trustworthy Results? (Dr. Steve Young)

Back pain is a common problem many people suffer from and will probably affect most of us at some point in our lives. It is also the leading cause of disabilities worldwide. Our back is a complex structure of nerves, spinal cord, muscles, and bones that provide flexibility to help us move around and do our daily tasks. As you age, your muscles and bones tend to weaken and develop problems and cause disabilities that can result in severe pain and spasms if left untreated.

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With age being a factor, there are many other factors like strain, medical conditions, injuries, and poor posture that can cause back pain and problems. To take on all these back problems and for you to live a back-pain-free life, Dr. Steve Young created a program called Back Pain Breakthrough.

What is The Back Pain Breakthrough?


The Back Pain Breakthrough is a revolutionary training program developed by Dr. Steve Young that helps you relieve yourself of back pain. It is an easy-to-understand and effective method to alleviate pain naturally and permanently. Dr. Steve explains the “Spinal Release technique” and how to apply it correctly. The program features the form of a six-video series which comes with detailed instructions and techniques.

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How does The Back Pain Breakthrough work?


The Back Pain Breakthrough program is designed in such a way that it does not require any expensive medication or equipment. Moreover, it works by instigating a simple movement to put the spine in a perfect alignment, releasing all the pressure forming in the back. Doing so provides instant relief in back pain. This is called the “Spinal Release Technique.” It only takes 30 seconds every day to perform these movements.

The rubbing effect of the vertebrae and spinal nerve causes pain that spreads across the back. This technique helps to create space between your vertebrae and the spinal nerve, which is crucial as they should never come in contact with each other. It also works the tiny muscle called the iliacus that is attached to the psoas muscle, which then connects the spine to the legs. It works by straightening the iliacus muscles and releasing tension on them.

Benefits and Features of The Back Pain Breakthrough



Not only does The Back Pain Breakthrough help you get rid of the back pain, there are countless other benefits that the Back Pain Breakthrough comes with. Some of these include:

Enhances your body: not only does the Back Pain Breakthrough program relieve back pain, but it also strengthens your core. Furthermore, it gives you good posture and more muscular and harder abs muscles, enhancing your body’s stability and balance.

Simple and effective: the program is easily understood, can be used by anyone with back pain, and is effective regardless of age.

Natural and permanent: one of the most significant benefits of Back Pain Breakthrough is that it is natural and doesn’t require any medications or drugs to treat the pain. It is also the only realistic solution that is permanent.

Promotes a better sleep cycle: it helps the consumer to get a pain and stress-free sleep enhancing energy and vitality and boosting mood.

Improves health and boosts metabolism: the program has proven to increase one’s mood and relief minds of stress and depression, resulting in better cognitive function. The program also allows users to participate in any activity they want, including intense sports, with full enthusiasm and energy.

Authentic: the research is accurate and based on countless hours of research and evidence backed by science. The authenticity of the Back Pain Breakthrough program makes it safe and usable for all ages.


Types of Breakthrough Pain


Breakthrough pain can be divided into three categories:

  • Pain occurring for no apparent reason, medically termed idiopathic pain
  • Pain triggered by some movement in the body, such as getting dressed
  • End-of-dose pain, in which a pain reliever’s effectiveness ends before it is time for the next scheduled dose

Sharing a detailed pain diary with the doctor can help determine which type of breakthrough pain is experienced.

Activity-related breakthrough pain is more common in those with pain from degenerative spine disease or osteoarthritis.

When breakthrough pain is related to movement, the doctor and patient can work together to develop the best mix of physical activity and rest. Breakthrough pain is eased for some people when they walk or do other moderate forms of exercise, but others may find they need to avoid strenuous activity. Wearing an orthotic or other assistive products or making changes to the home environment may also ease some of the pain.

Reviewing Pain Medications


If breakthrough pain occurs often, such as every four to six hours, it may be helpful to discuss overall pain control with the doctor.

Changing either the round-the-clock narcotic medication or the medication for breakthrough pain—or both—may be an option. It is common for a medication that was effective for a time to gradually become less effective. Taking the existing medication on a different schedule may also be considered.


The Back Pain Breakthrough